Extended care treatment: The Best Kept Secret for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery

Posted: August 13, 2015 by in Rehab Place Treatment Center

Addiction Extended-care

Some recovering alcoholics and addicts may not be ready to go back home, even after completing a month-long residential addiction treatment. They may not feel stable and comfortable enough to return to their daily life, although they are now sober and have acquired new skills on how to cope with unpredictable emotions.

For scenarios like these, an extended care addiction treatment will be of a great help. This treatment may act like a bridge between living independently and a month-long intensive residential addiction treatment. An extended care treatment will provide the addict with a chance to improve and strengthen the skills you have learned in the residential treatment before returning to outside society and your daily life.

There are a variety of benefits that an alcoholic can get from an extended care treatment.  Some of them are as follows:

A better support system

During your stay in the addiction treatment recovery rehab, you will be able to establish a lot of relationships. These relationships may come from the treatment team, staff, or a co-recovery companion. You will be able to build a stronger relationship with them as you make your way through the extended care treatment program. You can develop new friendships that can act as better support systems even before you leave the treatment center.

A better understanding of your addiction

You may have been able to identify your addiction through group and individual therapy during the residential addiction treatment. But if you will be given more time to better understand why you were wired to become addicted to alcohol and drugs if you enrolled in an extended care treatment program. This will also allow you to develop more skills to effectively prevent relapses.

A better set of coping skills

You may have had the chance to use your newly learned coping skills while inside the residential addiction treatment. But in some cases, applying them to outside society is a different story. It can become uncomfortable doing so. However, you will gain a chance to strengthen your coping skills further when you participate in an extended care treatment program. This will surely benefit you in your daily life.

Building a support system, understanding your addiction further, and developing your coping skills in a deeper fashion are good ways to help you grow stronger when you return to your daily life. Extended care treatment programs are designed to address all the needs of a struggling addict.

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