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Rehab Place Treatment Center

Defining Poverty Individuals, who suffer from social and economic discriminations, are often considered to be in poverty. The word essentially refers to the scarcity or the state where a person lacks a certain amount of money or resources. It is used as a way to identify people who do not have enough for the bare […]

Addiction Extended-care

Some recovering alcoholics and addicts may not be ready to go back home, even after completing a month-long residential addiction treatment. They may not feel stable and comfortable enough to return to their daily life, although they are now sober and have acquired new skills on how to cope with unpredictable emotions. For scenarios like […]


Today, I will blog about something that is completely different from the usual kinds of drugs that people associate with addiction. Spice is a mix of herbs with synthetic cannabinoids that produces a high similar to marijuana. When compared with marijuana, Spice tends to have a much stronger effect. While Spice mixtures are sold as […]