Why Laughter is the Best Medicine?

Posted: January 10, 2015 by in Rehab Place Treatment Center

Laughter is the best medicine

In recovery, things are pretty serious. Well, you’re fighting to overcome your addiction, right? Despite the hardship you experience in recovery, learning to laugh is one of the most important things you should put on your “to-do” list.

So if you’re asking why this “Laughter” is important? Well, when you look back on the past mistakes you’ve done and the poor decision that you’ve made because of addiction, other sometimes are having a hard time in forgiving themselves. Eventually, because of shame and embarrassment, they tend to beat themselves up.

During the addiction recovery process, you will be asked to do a deep soul-searching and an honest reflection, in order to truly accept yourself from who you’ve been, from who you are, and from who you hope to become. Well, in these situations, it is very important to laugh. Everyone has their own flaws and faults. It’s how you face the challenges that make you different.

One of the things that laughter can do is it lifts your mood up. Laughter is the most natural medication of life. When a person laughs, it signals the brain to send out signals that initiate the production of endorphins. These chemicals on your brain then will serve as a mood booster, which produce the same euphoric feeling that are brought by drugs.

When a drug is no longer present in your system, it takes time for your brain to recover and get back to organically producing enough amounts of endorphins. Well, that is where laughter comes in, laughter then will serve as a natural endorphin booster, which will make you feel more positive. Then as time goes by, you’ll notice that you are more motivated in staying clean and staying in recovery.

Well, as you progress in your recovery, you just laugh at the things that you have done when you were using drugs. You might think that when you were using drugs or alcohol, you would found yourself in quite a few awkward situations. Being able to laugh about your past behavior will then serve as a reminder to not repeat those mistakes anymore.

My advice is, each and every day try everything you can to look on the bright side. It might take time but eventually you’ll learn. But first, you need to work with your emotional issues before you can truly laugh. But you can start by smiling. That simple smile will eventually wider a little day by day until such point that you can already laugh.

Adding up humor in your recovery allows you to experience things from a brand new perspective. Then laughter will let you see on how much you have grown and help you recognize that the challenges of drug or alcohol addiction have made you a stronger and a wiser person. According to Addiction Rehab Center West Covina and based on their experience, laughter really is the best medicine and according to this treatment center, individuals who are in recovery with this attitude has a higher chances of succeeding in recovery.

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